Yellow Duck Publishing

High-impact manuscripts by those reshaping cybersecurity

If it quacks like a duck.

A small set of ideas each year transform how we secure technology.

Use the "Duck" test

The duck test is a type of abductive reasoning that seeks out the simplest and most likely conclusion from a set of observations. It goes a bit like this: "If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it probably is a duck." Abductive reasoning does not provide absolute certainty but instead a plausible conclusion based on logical reasoning.

To change the world

No one knows what the future of cybersecurity will look like for sure but we can deduce it from our surroundings. A few ideas a year propel the industry, reshaping how we work. Those raising the security floor are too busy to deal with traditional book publishing. Yellow Duck simplifies the process and amplifies the concepts that can change the world.

A Yellow Duck book is not a technical manuscript. It's a philosophy one.

How it works.

Move your idea from inside your head to publication - quickly.

You have an idea.

An idea can move an industry. Most of the time, ideas aren't lightbulb moments but are instead born out of the sweat and tears that come from experience. If deep down you have conviction about where the security industry is headed 1, 2 or 5 years in the future - and you're willing to write at least 20,000 words on the topic - send your table of contents and a 3 to 5 page introduction chapter to

You write the content.

Once your idea is accepted, its time to start writing. Yellow Duck publishes long form content only - with a minimum of 20,000 words per manuscript. This ensures each idea comes with sufficient technical reasoning to back it up. We understand that you aren't a writer, but unlike traditional publishers we don't care. We believe it's vital to get your idea to market as quickly as possible and in your voice - not your publishers.

We publish the manuscript.

Yellow Duck provides a platform to get your idea to market quickly and at a minimal cost. Each manuscript is priced the same ($25) with only a 1 dollar commission. They are delivered in PDF format, to make access easy on any device. Similar to releasing software, authors can upgrade their content - free for readers - using semantic versioning. This allows imperfect writing to be corrected over time.

You create the impact.

We believe there are 500 people capable of shifting how cybersecurity is done. They are the thought leaders. These people come from various organizations and backgrounds - and aren't neccesarily who you think of. Yellow Duck strives to put your manuscript in the hands of each and every one of them. Your idea is hosted here because we believe it can make the world a safer place. We'll work to get it in the right hands.